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A Sasquatch Field Project in Northern California: Report of the 1997 Six Rivers National Forest Expedition

With the release of the NAWAC's Ouachita Project Monograph, we thought it might be good to revisit the 1997 Six Rivers Expedition field report from Greenwell and Meldrum. We originally included this report on our website in 2007 and it seemed now was a good time to bring attention to it again. Greenwell's team was in the field for three weeks and made some observations and recovered some evidence that would later share commonality with the observations and evidence years later of the NAWAC in the Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion. Greenwell's team may have made many more observations and recovered key evidence had they remained onsite for 60-120 days. It's a brief but nonetheless relevant report. - Daryl Colyer



Testing of Game Cameras for Sound Emissions


The North American Wood Ape Conservancy sent game cameras to a bioacoustics lab to determine whether or not the cameras produce detectable audio emissions potentially capable of deterring wildlife from approaching the vicinity of the cameras.



Commentary: Regarding the Wood Ape and Vocalization


[A couple of months after the publication of Testing of Game Cameras for Sound Emissions at the NAWAC web site, Dr. Martin Lenhardt, who supervised the game camera tests, contacted us again. After he noted, “Jane Goodall thinks there may be something to this story,” Dr. Lenhardt asked if we had “access to any sounds this guy makes?” The following reflections were offered in response to receiving recordings of possible North American wood ape vocalizations.]



Ape Appellations


Over many centuries numerous appellations have been ascribed to the huge hairy hominoids said to inhabit North America, “Bigfoot” being one of the more widely used in recent decades. In his opening address at the 2013 Texas Bigfoot Conference, Brian Brown first announced the TBRC move to officially change its name to the North American Wood Ape Conservancy and the rationale behind the NAWAC decision to largely cease using the media moniker “Bigfoot” when referring to the species (Brown, 2013a).



Possible Wood Ape Photos From Central Oklahoma

The following is an abridged version of an article that has been submitted to The Relic Hominoid Inquiry provisionally entitled “Photographs of a Possible Unrecognized Bipedal Hominoid From Oklahoma.”



Taking a Stand With Science: Sasquatches, Humans, and Apes

Recently, famed author and journalist John Green gave the North American Wood Ape Conservancy permission to publish the final chapter of his seminal book Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us. In it, he lays out the case that wood apes, or sasquatches, are not human or human-like and that the collection of a type specimen is necessary. Many of us here at the NAWAC agree with Green. It is our position that until and unless wood apes are firmly and finally established as living animals that the real work of protecting and conserving them – the very heart of our mission statement – cannot begin. We felt that Green's words were some of clearest and most convincing we've read, even if they are from 1978.



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Occurred 6/8/2014 in Gonzales County, TX

Published on July 8, 2014 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Couple has an encounter while hiking in Palmetto State Park. Read more...

Occurred 12/20/1983 in Walker County, TX

Published on December 21, 2013 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Hunter has close encounter in Sam Houston National Forest near Stubblefield Recreational Area. Read more...

Occurred 12/24/1976 in Tyler County, TX

Published on March 11, 2013 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Close highway encounter on Highway 287 near Woodville.

Occurred Fall 2003 in Polk County, TX

Published on March 7, 2013 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Couple has highway encounter near Big Thicket National Preserve. Read more...

Occurred 4/3/2012 in Liberty County, TX

Published on April 21, 2012 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Man out walking for exercise at local track has unexpected encounter with upright hair-covered subject. Read more...

Occurred 5/15/2009 in Burnet County, TX

Published on April 11, 2012 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Motorist has late-night encounter near Balcones Canyon Lands National Wildlife Refuge. Read more...

Occurred 5/1981 in Travis County, TX

Published on November 15, 2011 Icon-photo-off Icon-video-off

Airman reports night-time encounter on Bergstrom AFB.

Occurred Winter 1979 in Angelina County, TX

Published on August 26, 2011 Icon-photo-off Icon-video-off

Hunter reports night-time encounter while hunting rabbits.

Occurred 7/1973 in Tyler County, TX

Published on August 26, 2011 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Man recalls road encounter as a teen not far from Woodville. Read more...

Occurred 1/1998 in McIntosh County, OK

Published on December 13, 2010 Icon-photo Icon-video-off

Southbound early-morning motorist has encounter on north side of South Canadian River. Read more...

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