The Bigger Thicket Update

Friday, 09 May 2008

The Big Thicket Association recently published another brief update regarding the six-term Congressman Kevin Brady (R - 8th District of Texas) and his efforts at enhancing the 100,000-acre Big Thicket National Preserve. According to the piece, the congressman has filed HR 5891 with three primary goals: connect, expand and preserve the Big Thicket. 

Last month, the TBRC published a news item about the congressman's efforts with a link to the Big Thicket Association's website. 

Apparently, Congressman Brady is not only interested in protecting the special area, but is seeking ways to spur "family-friendly eco-tourism," which would bring in perhaps a million visitors a year as well as increase interest in the area and its surrounding communities. 

Congressman Brady recently presented the Big Thicket National Preserve with a check for $1.25 million for land acquisition and has asked Congress to increase that amount by another $4.75 million. 

The TBRC applauds the honorable congressman's efforts.

Source: The Big Thicket Association

Read HR 5891.

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