Class 3a

Woman reports having visual encounter through kitchen window.

Occurred October 4, 2001
(Submitted July 21, 2002)

Witness Observation

About 11 months ago I saw a bigfoot in my backyard. He stood about 7-8 foot tall. It weighed 800-1000 lbs. It was black and hairy all over and smelled worse than a skunk. It had arms like an ape and looked prehistoric. It was very shocking to see.

Most recently, a teenage boy claimed that he saw a bigfoot in the Woodville area.

My son has told me one night something that stunk came close to the house by the bedroom where he was sleeping. Whatever it was moaned and groaned and he could hear it breathing. My son lives in the same house where I saw the bigfoot in Woodville, TX.


Just the sounds heard by my son, moaning, groaning and breathing.

Additional Observations

Very tall and heavy, 7-8 foot tall and 800-1000 lbs. A large animal standing on two legs. Covered with black hair all over.

Time and Conditions

Late afternoon. - Wooded, farmlands. I own goats and geese.

Investigator's Comments

Monica Rawlins

This investigation was conducted as a result of an incident that allegedly occurred in Tyler County, Texas in October 2001.

The witness met me in Woodville, Texas and led me to the property on which the incident was reported to have occurred. The property is densely forested with pine and oak trees. It was also noted that there is a large amount of wild strawberries growing all around the inside of the abandoned goat pen. The witness had her son lead me to various points of interest, as she now refuses to go into the woods. The witness made it clear that prior to this incident, she simply did not believe that bigfoot existed. After the incident, the witness sought out as much information as she could find.

The first location that the son guided me to was an old oak tree on which he claimed the purported sasquatch had been urinating and scratching. The tree is approximately 200 feet south from the back of the house, but the view is obstructed by the severe overgrowth of the old goat pen. Once at the tree I noticed a musky smell covering the tree, similar to the smell of a sweaty horse, but there was no sign of scratch marks or bark rubbing on the tree. Approximately 25 feet east of the oak tree was what appeared to be a well traveled hog path from the back fence leading deep into the woods in a southerly direction. From the oak tree we proceeded west, into the surrounding woods, and approximately 50 yards into the woods I discovered what appeared to be a footprint near the spot that the son has an old deer stand. This print measured 12 inches long, 4 inches across at the heel and 8 inches across at the ball of the foot. I later made a cast of the track.

From this footprint we traveled in a south/southwesterly direction and approximately thirty yards from the footprint I discovered a single tree break and two tree groups that had what appeared to be limbs stacked against them. The tree break was a small oak, six inches in diameter with the break occurring one foot from the ground. There were no fallen trees or large branches in the immediate area that could explain the break. The two trees that had limbs stacked against them were approximately ten feet east of the tree break and four feet apart. The first tree had a pine limb that was 16 inches in diameter and buried into the ground, leaning against a fork in the tree. The second tree was more interesting and held my attention. It was actually two trees that had grown together, then about four feet up they split apart for about eight inches then grew back together; thus forming a hole in the center of the tree. The limb was approximately six feet long, and was stuck through the "hole" in the tree. This had the appearance of having been placed there deliberately, as it seemed next to impossible that falling limbs could have come to a rest in this closed cavity.

The son told me that he had been traveling trough the woods in this area the day before and had the feeling that he was being watched and was sure that something was following him. He then led me south from the tree break approximately one-quarter mile to a dry creek bed where he found an interesting track. Once we reached the creek bed I photographed the track, which was on a steep angle and appeared to be a claw mark where something had been crawling out of the creek bed headed in a northern direction. I cast the track and got some great detail; it shows five digits. After I cast the print, we all headed back to the house.

It should be noted that our hike through the woods took four hours total, and at various points throughout our hike we noticed the same musky "sweaty horse" smell that was so prevalent at the original oak tree. The smell seemed to hang in certain spots, and was not drifting through the air as you could walk into the smell and take two steps and be out of it.

As I later interviewed the witness, she explained to me that several months before the reported incident, she and her son had gone out to feed the goats that they raised. They had noticed that the very young goats had started coming up missing. It was at night, so it was very dark in their back yard. The witness indicated that while she and her son were feeding the goats, they heard a low growl behind them. The growl sounded very close, but they could not see anything. The witness said that her first impression was that the growl came from a big cat. A sasquatch as a possibility never occurred to her. The witness remembered that later, she and her son discovered that another goat had disappeared. The witness remembered that at that time, she started finding dead goats; they were not eaten, but merely dismembered. The witness also said that her geese then starting turning up missing.

The witness stated that on the day of the reported visual encounter, the witness was very busy cooking dinner and dealing with family matters; it was daylight outside. She reportedly looked out her kitchen window into the back yard and saw a "very large animal, standing on two legs." The "animal was very hairy, and was black in color." To the witness, "the animal looked like a prehistoric man." She could only see the profile of the subject and it was not moving, but her view was clear. She estimated the distance to be approximately 50 to 60 feet between her and the subject. She described it as standing 8 to 9 feet tall and weighing 800 to 1000 pounds. She claimed that "it had arms like an ape," hanging low to its sides. The subject stood hunched over. She could guess the height because the subject stood next to a tree that was nine feet tall.

The witness recalled that after watching the subject for a short while, she sat down to collect her thoughts. The whole incident seemed very surreal to her. After realizing what had happened to her, she stood up to get another look, but the subject was gone. The witness guessed that it must have walked back into the woods (the witness's house was adjacent to many acres of woods).

The witness decided to tell her husband and son about what she had seen. Her husband ridiculed her. Her son grabbed his gun and immediately went to investigate. There was no sign of the subject.

The son stated that when he was looking around he heard gunshots from the woods and heard two men yelling at each other. According to the son, he heard one male voice say: "What was that?" Another male voice answered: "Let's get the hell out of here."

Since this incident the witness and her son have moved the goats to a different location. The witness and her husband now live elsewhere as well.

Other incidents have reportedly occurred in the area. The witness's son, who lives in the same house of the sighting, has heard an unknown animal moaning, groaning and breathing heavy outside the windows. The witness's friend, an EMT, reportedly had a very large animal run across the road in front of her. Also, another friend's grandson reported seeing a "bigfoot" step out of the woods and onto a road very close to where he was standing.

While I do not doubt that the witness did see something, confirmational evidence was lacking. The single footprint seemed to be the only fresh evidence that I could find. After cleaning the track cast, it looks good and a fair amount of detail is visible in it. The single tree break that was found was not fresh, as the tree is still alive and the bark at the sight of the break has been weathered and has begun to heal over. The two "limb stackings" seemed promising, but it was almost impossible to determine just how old they were. The track that was cast on the creek bed, after some cleaning, appeared to be a bear track (even though black bears were supposedly extirpated from the region in the 1920s). There was the "horse" smell for which I could not account, that seemed to indicate the presence of some type of nearby wildlife, the scent of which seemed certainly out of place.

I am convinced that something unique is out there. It has scared the witness to the point that she refuses to go into the woods at all anymore, and her son would only go with me if I had a weapon.

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Class 1a
A sasquatch/bigfoot specimen has been collected (alive or dead).
Class 1b
A report investigation results in a sasquatch observation or the documentation of clear tracks or other forms of physical evidence by an investigator.
Class 1c
An investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot by a very reliable observer is a distinct possibility, tangible corroborating evidence is documented, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 1d
A visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility involving two or more reliable observers, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 2
Investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility, the observer is exceptionally trustworthy, professionally trained, and experienced in the outdoors and/or is accustomed to looking for and recording details (e.g., biologist, anthropologist/archaeologist, ranger, trapper/tracker/seasoned hunter, bird watcher, game warden, naturalist, law enforcement), and other explanations can be reasonably excluded.
Class 3a
Investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility, the observer is credible, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 3b
Unidentifiable vocalizations were reported and there is accompanying tangible evidence to possibly indicate the presence of a sasquatch/bigfoot, the observer is very reliable, and other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 3c
No visual encounter occurred, but physical evidence was found to indicate the presence of a sasquatch/bigfoot (tracks, hair, scat, etc.), the observer is very reliable, and other sources can be reasonably ruled out.