Class 3a

Man remembers morning visual encounter through bedroom window as a boy.

Occurred July 1985
(Submitted December 1, 2004)

Witness Observation

I have grown up around here nearly all of my life. While I was living in Bradford, a town north of Searcy, I had an encounter with a bigfoot. I thought I could tell you this story and maybe you could help me to some conclusions. I think I was 11 or 12 years old. At this time I was living with my Grandparents in Bradford. When I say in Bradford that simply means we had a Bradford zip code. We had a farm about 6 miles west on 87. Lots of pasture land and woods to nearly every direction, close to some hilly areas. It happened around 9-930am one summer morning.

I woke up and was lying in bed. I could hear my Grandmother and my Mom talking in the dining room. I got a feeling somebody was watching me. So I turned to look out the window, and there he/she was looking at me. He/she was very tall - more of a slim muscular build, and a reddish-brown hair. It was very peaceful, I never felt scared or threatened by what I was seeing. As this creature stared at me I simply stared back. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I wanted to look at more of it. As I tried to get out of bed gently I put my foot down on the rug that lay on top of a wood floor, I lost my footing and fell to my knees. He/she stared at me still and seemed to have a look of confusion. We just looked at each other, still I never felt scared. Being that I was so intrigued by this creature I wanted to see him/her or touch him/her or something. When I tried to make a move toward the door, just as my shoulder turned he/she took off running to the west. I took off running through the house toward the kitchen and out to the back porch so I could try to see him. I saw him running away toward my neighbor's barn. As I watched him run I noticed how odd it ran in comparison to a human. It ran with its hands flat, palms back and very long strides.

One thing that I didn't notice until many years later, the window he/she was looking at me through is very high. I am 6'5" tall and I can only look through the bottom pane and it was looking through the top. This is something that has been on my mind for years. I have done some research on bigfoot and sasquatch. It has me asking more questions. Thank you for letting me share this moment with you.


Some people say they have heard what they call a panther screams for 70 years or so. I have never seen a panther in this area.

Additional Observations

There were no odors that I noticed. My family still owns the land around where it happened. It is pasture land with several large patches of woods. Farms in every direction. Huge agricultural area. Barns, stables, corrals, and many other things.

Time and Conditions

9:00 am - 9:00 - 9:30 am, bright, clear sunny morning.

Investigator's Comments

Jerry Hestand

This investigation was conducted as a result of an incident that allegedly occurred in Jackson County, Arkansas, in July of 1985.

I interviewed the witness at length on 16 December 2004. The area of the incident was on his grandparents' farm. This farm was located about one-eighth of a mile from an area of 70 - 80 acres of woods. This area has mountainous terrain, thick woods and there are caves nearby. The closest water source is Party Creek. I found it also interesting that the grandparents had a peach orchard of some twenty or thirty trees there on the property. The farm also had cattle, horses, chickens and assorted livestock.

The gentleman had a very good memory of the incident, even though it happened about twenty years ago. The room where he experienced the encounter had a bed in it that was located right next to the window, which was left open in the summer to allow for a breeze.

The witness remembered that upon waking, he immediately noticed a large, reddish-brown animal looking in the window at him. The subject was only three or four feet away from him, and he had a clear view of its upper body. He said it must have been seven to eight feet tall to look down on him from this window. The weight was estimated to be around 400 pounds. The best description the witness could give was that the subject looked like a very muscular pro basketball player that was covered in reddish-brown hair, perhaps three to four inches in length. The witness recalled the face being brown, and it had quite a bit of hair around it, but the face itself had no hair. The witness recalled large nostrils, and there seemed to be a large space from the top of the lip to the nose of about three inches. The gender of the subject could not be discerned.

The subject did not seem aggressive, only curious. It ran only after the sudden movement of the witness. The witness ran down the hall as soon as the subject took off from the window. As he reached the door at the end of the hall, he saw it running to the west towards the neighbors? barn. The witness claimed that the subject covered an area of about forty feet to the road and kept running across an acre of pasture before disappearing in the distance in the area of the barn and woods.

To the witness, the most curious thing about the sighting was the manner in which the subject ran. It seemed to be running with very long strides that the witness claimed a person could not reproduce. The witness told me that the manner in which the subject ran was similar to the movement patterns of a cross-country skier. I once had another different witness who described what he supposedly saw as moving in this same manner.

The incident reportedly lasted anywhere from one to two minutes from beginning to finish.



Class 1a
A sasquatch/bigfoot specimen has been collected (alive or dead).
Class 1b
A report investigation results in a sasquatch observation or the documentation of clear tracks or other forms of physical evidence by an investigator.
Class 1c
An investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot by a very reliable observer is a distinct possibility, tangible corroborating evidence is documented, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 1d
A visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility involving two or more reliable observers, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 2
Investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility, the observer is exceptionally trustworthy, professionally trained, and experienced in the outdoors and/or is accustomed to looking for and recording details (e.g., biologist, anthropologist/archaeologist, ranger, trapper/tracker/seasoned hunter, bird watcher, game warden, naturalist, law enforcement), and other explanations can be reasonably excluded.
Class 3a
Investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility, the observer is credible, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 3b
Unidentifiable vocalizations were reported and there is accompanying tangible evidence to possibly indicate the presence of a sasquatch/bigfoot, the observer is very reliable, and other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 3c
No visual encounter occurred, but physical evidence was found to indicate the presence of a sasquatch/bigfoot (tracks, hair, scat, etc.), the observer is very reliable, and other sources can be reasonably ruled out.