Class 3a

Late night encounter on rural bridge.

Occurred July 7, 2005
(Submitted July 24, 2005)

Witness Observation

I had just got off work approximately 60 miles away and had been driving home. I saw something (I'm not saying it was a bigfoot) large bending over (its back facing me). It looked like it was picking something up off the highway that runs over the bridge. It was pretty different than I had imagined they looked like, though. It was really tall, even bending over the way it was. It had long, straight brown hair, though, like a dog or something. I always pictured them to have black hair, but this was brown.

There were things hanging in the hair, little sticks and undergrowth looking stuff, and it was really dirty. The only other thing I really remember is the smell as I drove by, it was awful! I was driving my convertible with the top down, and the smell of what ever that was-well, I can't even describe how bad it was. That's really all I saw, etc. I was driving about 60 mph and after I saw whatever that was, I sort of got the creeps and sped home and ran in to tell my husband what happened. I didn't even put the top back up on the convertible. The bridge that I saw whatever that was on is only about a quarter of a mile from my house. So, needless to say, I'm not real happy about coming home from work after dark anymore.

Also, I know this sounds weird, but about a week and 1/2 before the sighting, we kept hearing the strangest scream (that's the best way to describe the noise,) and it was not one of our calves or any of our livestock, and after about 2 days of hearing this noise, it finally stopped. The next day, we found a little baby goat with the umbilical cord still attached and dragging the ground all alone-no mother goat to be found anywhere. We found him all alone in the wooded area back behind our house. When we found him, he was terrified, he didn't make a noise or anything-it took us hours to catch him. He finally bleats (cries) now, and it sounds nothing like the noise we heard before we found him. We have also lost 4 baby kittens in the last month, they seem to have just disappeared. We do live way out in the country, though, It's possible that anything could have carried them off or had them for dinner, but I feel like it's worth mentioning.


Deep, shrill screams were heard that lasted about a minute each time they were heard on an earlier occasion at a farm near the bridge.

Additional Observations

Very bad smell.

Time and Conditions

It was a clear, warm summer night, around midnight.

Investigator's Comments

Jerry Hestand

This investigation was conducted as a result of an incident that allegedly occurred in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, in July 2005.

The witness lives near the bridge on the above mentioned farm. She said that her father had told her that when he was a child, he and his father, while they were fishing, saw a bigfoot cross the river that goes under the above mentioned bridge.

The family farm has livestock and a pecan orchard; there are still pecans on the ground from a year ago. Heavy woods with deer and other wildlife surround the farm, so there is adequate food supply for a large animal. The witness is not sure where the baby goat came from; she did not own any goats nor did the local neighbors.

A further description of the sighting is as follows:

While driving home the witness began to go over a bridge that crosses Deep Fork River near her farm. On the opposite side of the bridge is a flashing red light, which added to her problem with seeing at night. This made it difficult for her to see what she first thought was a large dog in the lane ahead. She thought it was a dog because of its hair and color. As she slowed down and approached the animal, she immediately saw it was much larger than she first assumed. She moved over into the other lane to pass and slowed down to get a better look.

The witness realized that what she was seeing was possibly on four legs, or stooping over with its hands on the ground. In this position its height was about five feet. The witness measured its height against the height of the nearby guardrail. I asked her about the bulk of the subject and she said it was bigger than her husband who weighs around 280 pounds.

Whatever she saw seemed to "freeze" as though it didn't want to be seen and stood stock-still. At this time an overpowering odor hit her as she had the top down on her convertible. Finally she realized what she was seeing was something out of the ordinary, not a dog or cow, but something she had not seen before. She quickly accelerated and sped home and rushed into the house.

Adding to this anecdote is the fact of the subject's size, smell, and location; it is possible that the witness had an encounter with a bigfoot making a late night crossing of a rural bridge.



Class 1a
A sasquatch/bigfoot specimen has been collected (alive or dead).
Class 1b
A report investigation results in a sasquatch observation or the documentation of clear tracks or other forms of physical evidence by an investigator.
Class 1c
An investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot by a very reliable observer is a distinct possibility, tangible corroborating evidence is documented, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 1d
A visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility involving two or more reliable observers, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 2
Investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility, the observer is exceptionally trustworthy, professionally trained, and experienced in the outdoors and/or is accustomed to looking for and recording details (e.g., biologist, anthropologist/archaeologist, ranger, trapper/tracker/seasoned hunter, bird watcher, game warden, naturalist, law enforcement), and other explanations can be reasonably excluded.
Class 3a
Investigator determines that a visual encounter with a sasquatch/bigfoot is a distinct possibility, the observer is credible, and all other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 3b
Unidentifiable vocalizations were reported and there is accompanying tangible evidence to possibly indicate the presence of a sasquatch/bigfoot, the observer is very reliable, and other sources can be reasonably ruled out.
Class 3c
No visual encounter occurred, but physical evidence was found to indicate the presence of a sasquatch/bigfoot (tracks, hair, scat, etc.), the observer is very reliable, and other sources can be reasonably ruled out.