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Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience. It is possible that your experience could provide the NAWAC with a critical piece of information, so please try to be as thorough as possible. Before starting you must realize that we do not work with reports from anonymous sources; we must have a minimal amount of contact information before we can investigate an incident report. If you feel you cannot provide your name and contact information, we simply cannot proceed with an investigation of your submission, no matter how compelling or important you may think your information is. If you review other reports on the NAWAC website you can see that personal information is not publicly displayed. We want to assure you that you can report your incident with total confidence that your privacy will be honored.

When you've completed the form, please double check to ensure the accuracy of your phone number(s) and email address, and then click the "submit report" button. Your report will then be assigned to one or more qualified investigators who will attempt to contact you. If you would like to report more than one incident, please submit each report separately.

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The personal contact data that you provide for the North American Wood Ape Conservancy will be kept confidential; your contact data will not be displayed on the website, nor will it be made available to third parties. However, if the incident occurred somewhere other than the south central U.S., your report may be transferred to a qualified investigator near you who would be better able to conduct the investigation. Please note: Your IP address is registered when you submit your report. False reports, jokes and obscenities are considered misuse of the services offered here; such reports are not retained. Anyone abusing this form will be reported to the appropriate Internet service provider.